On Aristotle’s Treatise on Women
by Rita O’Donoghue

Aristotle saw through women quite early
In his quest for knowledge, truth and wisdom,
He labeled us ‘inferior species’, ‘impotent men’
An understanding that was, he argued, clearly
based on logic, reason, and scientific observation.
He obviously hadn’t observed the praying mantis
she of the compound eyes and large triangular head
whose predatory exploits – once coitus achieved
and progeny in-situ – causes the male to lose his head
severered,  it makes a tasty entrée for her post-coital  meal.
Or the culinary tastes of the black widow
who lures her mate and, passion spent
and progeny assured,
binds him in finest silk
softens him up for her post-coital feast
In matters of survival of the fittest, perchance
He felt male superiority and omnipotence best
manifest in the sexual antics of the honeybee,
the drone who ensures only his progeny survive
he lures a mate, procreates,
then leaves his genitalia inside, a handy plug.
Or perhaps the exploits of the insectivorous midge
most clearly manifests male superiority and reason
the lowly midge offers the ultimate sacrifice:
his flesh and blood keeps the female and his brood
fed and out of bounds,
a grand if rather final plug for  fatherhood

One wonders, on foot of these sexploits,
whether perhaps Aristotle opined
as did another great male mind,
that the evolutionary tree is simply a transmutation
of the species by common descent,
where only the fittest survive.
Ah yes, the great man’s understanding and observations
of ‘inferior species’ and ’impotent men’  were clearly
based on logic, reason, and scientific observation

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