The aim of this blog is to comment on, report interesting items on plasma physics and its application.  I will try to post daily and try to be topical.  But, I will spend some time thinking about what is in the news rather than just pass on dubious items or claims. Hope this is of some value to you.

Currently, I am CEO of Impedans.  Impedans is a sensor company in the area of plasma measurement with relationship to equipment for semiconductor, solar, flat panel, medical devices and research.

In the past I was Theme Leader at Dublin City University, working on foresight and strategy. Key themes – Sustainable Energy and Intelligent/Precision Manufacture. I reported directly to the President of DCU. I was principle investigator (PI) on the Science Foundations Ireland (SFI) funded research cluster at DCU, Precision. I was a founding director of the plasma research group at DCU, now the National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology. I was the founding chairman of the Chemical and Physical Sciences Committee of the Royal Irish Academy.

Before being an academic I worked for 11 years as a Meteorologist for Met Éireann. I also worked in research and teaching at the University of Ulster and DCU.  I was a founder and chairman of Plasma Ireland in 1993, the technology was sold to Dow Corning in 1999.  I was also founder and CEO of Scientific Systems Ltd in 1998. This company won the Irish Innovation Award in 2000 and was sold to Lam Research (LRCX) in 2008. I was a Research Fellow at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris and UCLA, Berkley.

I am interested in Plasma Physics and applications. I look to support innovation. I have campaigned for change in Ireland to promote innovation. I have adviced start-ups and I have invested in a number of start ups. I have a political opinion especially on issue that effect science and business.

Current portfolio  Impedans, QualflowSimpitiko

On a personal level, I like to walk, run and swim, I am a solo nerd really. I plan to do the Dublin Marathon in October 2018.   I play traditional Irish music mainly on the concertina.  I have an attachment to this instrument as it was invented by Wheatstone a British physicist.

Please follow me and make comments, ask questions. I get a bit more time now as I get older and try and slow down. //

One thought on “About

  1. George Hendrey

    Your blog on LPP’s plasma fusion, Not Even Wrong, did not post fully, but was covered up by other bits of your website. Would you please send me a copy of the full text?


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