Plasma art, a new form of sculpture. #plasma @Alsimm0938 @emmafarrjar

plasma art.jfifFor generations people have used a sharp edge to carve sculpture, a branch of the visual arts that operates in three dimensions.   In more recent times, new technologies have been introduced. One of the most versatile is plasma.   The plasma is generated in an arc using either direct current or alternating current. The current heats electrons, which ionize the gas and form a plasma. The plasma is conducting so it carries the current at a very high level. Electrons collide with the gas (air) and cause a transfer of power from the electrical field to the  ions and from the ions to gas molecules.  Electrons also have in-elastic collisions with gas molecules and these also heat the gas.  Such an arc is hot with gas temperature of many thousands of degrees centigrade and can easily cut through all solid materials.  The simplest tools use a DC arc to a metal surface, but indirect arcs can cut through insulators.  Etchers and arc eroders can machine to very high precision.

Examples of plasma cutter art.

An automatic plasma cutter being used to create sculptures.

Mike B Hopkins

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