Plasma in a sustainable economy. Recycle precious metals. #Sustainability


Tetronics says it is “Proud to be the most experienced plasma company in the World.

It was established in 1964 to develop industrial applications for high temperature Plasma Arc technology.  Since then, the company has developed a reputation for producing high quality clean plasma technology for recovering materials and hazardous waste destruction.

It turns waste into money, literally one of the projects it is working on takes electronic circuit boards and using advanced plasma technology it melts down the boards to extract the precious metals.

Plasma is one of the cleanest thermal processing technologies available because of the extremely high temperatures used.  These high temperatures break the chemical bonds and reduce material to simpler chemical structures, like basic atomic structures.

This enables these types of systems to support an extensive range of applications, from recovery of precious metals and platinum group metals from spent catalysts, mining ores and electronics waste, to removing the toxicity of industrial materials such as asbestos.  The plasma process transforms spent materials into substances that are benign to the environment and produces valuable by-products for use elsewhere in industry. This reduces the requirement for mining and waste disposal costs. Plasma technology is highly beneficial in metal recovery processes, generating a higher recovery rate than alternative technologies.

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