Applying network analysis to plasma data. Graphing complex reactions. Learning from analysis of the internet scientist in the area of plasma physics have realized the importance of network graphing. #plasma #maths


Learning from analysis of the internet scientist in the area of plasma physics have realised the importance of network graphing.  These graphs outline the linear processes that can occur like the subway map of a line.  However when many competing paths exist the maps the maps can begin to look like the London underground. In analogy chemical reaction in plasma exist in networks, from small graphs of linear networks with several inorganic species to highly complex networks composed of many competing reactions. Highly complex networks of chemical reactions can be graphical classified containing hundreds of species. This analytical approach is applicable for rapid and approximate understanding of complex chemical network systems such as plasma-enhanced reactions.
Tomo Murakami, Seikei University, Japan is due to speak at the first International Conference on Data-Driven Plasma Science , 11-13 July 2018, in the Department of Physics, University of YorkHeslingtonYorkYO10 5DDUK ,Tel: +44 (0)1904 322234 | Fax: +44 (0)1904 322214.
The title of his talk is Applying network analysis to plasma data; the analysis of relations through mathematical graphs.  
Graph theory provides for a graphical approach to a system containing various elements with connections between them. Plasma chemical reaction in cold plasma networks are one such system, and small and simple reaction systems are visualized in linear or small graphs with reaction procedures. In low-temperature reactive plasma, high-energy electrons trigger a number of simultaneous dissociations of molecules, and the chemistry is complex.  Tomo will discuss one of the most complex cold plasma systems which is plasma formed in water. The plasma for at the interface between liquid and vapor and the chemistry is driver by both volume and surface reactions.  These plasma are of particular interest in medical applications.

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