Plasma in the News, Two New Sources of Information on Plasma Technology

I started this blog with the aim to promote topical stories in the area of plasma technology.  I wanted to talk about things that interested me that I thought would interest a wider audience of scientist and engineers working in the area of plasma technology.  In the last few months two new sources of news have started.  The first is the recent release of the Plasma Post, an E-zine aimed at keeping people  updated on what’s happening at The National Centre for Plasma Science & Technology(NCPST) and the Precision Cluster.  The NCPST is based at Dublin City University(DCU) and the newsletter aims to relate stories on the progress of the latest research and provide a broad view of new innovations, applications and technologies being developed using plasmas. The E-Zine will also feature news from the NCPST’s industry partners.  If you would like to contribute then contact them directly at

The second is the Plasma News a blog edited by an MSc student studying Science and Media at DCU.  The aim is to release a number of posts every week on the main stories in plasma technology.  I am going to have to take a back seat on the news side, although I am really happy to let both sites use any material they like from my Blog.

I have to declare an interest in that I was one of the founders of the NCPST at DCU and I was also a founder of Impedans Ltd which is a partner in the Precision research center. I am also a keen supporter the The Plasma News as I think that there is a lack of good sources of stories in the plasma area.

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