“What is a Plasma in Physics” – II

I am making available with the kind premission of the author a Plasma Course developed by Richard Fitzpatrick at UT Dallas.  This is the best course I have seen on the web on basic plasma physics. I intend to publish the course over the next number of weeks, starting with – What are plasmas in Physics II.  I have titled it “What is a Plasma in Physics II” as I already had a page published on this topic. I also intend to create some simple videos to accompany the course.  I would be very grateful for some feedback on whether this is a useful exercise.  The first installment starts with a discussion of the role of the electromagnetic force to create structure. It then moves on to discuss how a plasma forms. I have added a piece to describe what happens in cold plasma which are often underplayed by fusion experts.

The first installment ends with a very short piece on applications but I hope to expand this later on. I have also put a 15 min video with an explaination of the main material on Youtube. This is my first attemp so please bear with me. Any comments are very welcome.

What is a Plasma in Physics II


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