Basque Student Completes Thesis on Plasma Control

Contributing to the nuclear fusion project

Fusion Reactors use isotopes of hydrogen in a very hot plasma. The plasma is in thermal equilibrium and is trapped inside a magnetic bottle called a Tokamak.  These complex plasma need very sophisticated control systems. In many industrial applications plasmas are treated as a black box with no attempt at real-time control. However, in the world of fusion plasma  the need to sustain and maintain a plasma has demanded that engineers solve the complex problem of plasma measurement and control. In her recent thesis electronics engineer Goretti Sevillano has come up with some plasma control tools in her thesis defended at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). Her thesis is entitled Herramientas para el control del plasma en reactores Tokamak de fusión nuclear: integración Astra-Matlab y control en tiempo real (Tools for plasma control in Tokamak nuclear fusion reactors: Astra-Matlab integration and control in real time), and she has also had two papers published on the subject in the journals Informatica and Energy.

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