Plasma Physics Division Annual Report

The inaugural edition of the Plasma Physics Division Annual Report, from the Drexel Institute of Plasma Physics Division is available online – quoting from the release

The primary purpose for this report is to share with all members of the Plasma Physics Division the information that we accumulate and send for incorporation in various NRL publications and presentations throughout the year, thereby creating a feedback loop that will enable us to validate the integrity of the data. I hope that you will share my sense of pride in the accomplishments, awards, and recognitions that are enumerated in this publication, as well as be encouraged to submit your own input next year. The scope of the Division research and accomplishments is truly breathtaking, including research in ultrashort pulse laser propagation and interactions, pulsed power radiation sources, nonlinear dynamics, ionospheric modeling, EM railguns, compact high-energy electron sources, detection of explosive surrogates, field testing of a laser acoustic source, advances in understanding impulsively shocked matter, and improvements in inertial fusion technology. Our researchers have received an impressive number of awards and recognitions throughout the year for both individual and team accomplishments. The list of fellows and professional engineers attest to the strong technical credentials of our staff. Finally, it is exciting to see the Division renewing itself as an impressive array of new talent has been welcomed in this year, including two Karle’s Fellows. The secondary purpose of this report is to have a timely and succinct publication that we can share with sponsors, colleagues, family, and friends – a “one stop” overview of our accomplishments, honors, and recognitions. I hope that you enjoy reading the articles and narratives in this report and we look forward to your ideas as to how to make it even better next year.”

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