The 9th Workshop on Frontiers in Low Temperature Plasma Diagnostics

The 9th Workshop on Frontiers in Low Temperature Plasma Diagnostics (FLTPD) was held in Zinnowitz, near Greifswald, Germany.  FLTPD is a biennial European event in which scientists working on low-temperature plasmas present their recent results, pointing out in particular the originality of the diagnostic techniques used.
The idea of starting this series of workshops was born in a discussion between Frieder Döbele, Bill Graham and the Guest Editor, Nader Sadeghi when travelling together from Bar Harbor, USA (after the 6th LAPD) to Montreal, Canada in October 1993. It became evident that we had been lacking a European meeting that could bring together experts in the field of low-temperature plasma diagnostics and create the possibility to share the knowledge of these plasma diagnostics with new generations of scientists. This editorial introduces 11 papers from the most recent Workshop.

Click to access 0963-0252_21_2_020201.pdf

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