Warm matter

In this interesting article for me the authors talk about creating warm matter. This is a plasma really. But most of the universe is in the form of plasma. The authors call it Warm Matter. I had not heard this term before. Warm matter is not some thing we see much  on earth.  A volcano spews out molten lava at temperatures of several thousand degrees celcius. But even this is too cold to called warm matter. Imagine if we heated the lava to 30,000 degrees celcius.  Now we are getting there, the matter would gasify and then start to ionise and form a plasma. This would be like a lightning bolt hitting it.

The authors here create the warm matter by inducing anvery large electic current in the material by heating it inductively to 30,000 degrees. This is then used as a target for beam studies.

When is a plasma not a plasma when it is warm matter of course – who said scientists can’t spin http://www.princeton.edu/main/news/archive/S33/22/71M77/index.xml?section=topstories via @Princeton

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